Specializing in custom made western saddles.

Function & Art

for cowboys and collectors

In the West, the saddle tells the story of where we’ve been, where we are, and provides clues to where we are going.


to every detail and stitch

Though it is built indoors on a saddle stand, the context with which a saddle is built is always the back of a horse.

Honoring Traditions

For horses and horsemen

The rich Cowboy Culture of the American West has demanded that there be an active connection between rugged durability and enduring beauty.

Master Craftsman

With over 42 years in the saddle building business making world renowned show saddles that fit both horse and rider.

A Work Of Art

Dale Chavez saddles has always been dedicated to detail, you can rest ensure that each item is a masterpiece and a unique work of art.

Not Just Saddles

In addition to saddles, Dale designs and builds browband headstalls, reins, and show halters, as well as rawhide bosals and romel reins.

Not Just Another Pretty Face

We firmly believe that UTILITY and Beauty can co-exist in perfect harmony in our products.

Complete range of Western Show and Working equipment

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